Friends, I haven’t posted in nearly a year, but I did want to leave a record here on the blog of a change in my life.

I’ve stepped back from ministry because of sin struggles on my part. I made sinful choices and I’m learning to walk in renewed repentance. In part, I engaged in sexually sinful relationship over the internet. I’ve asked God’s, my wife’s, my family’s, and my church’s forgiveness.

These events in my life do not compromise my Spirit-given, firmly held faith: that God is our loving and holy Creator; that we are sinful in our natural desires, our thoughts, actions, and intentions; that Jesus is God’s Son, the redeemer and risen King; that the Holy Spirit makes us alive and enables to walk in loving obedience by faith and grace; and that no one is so good that he doesn’t need redemption, and no one so sinful that he can’t be redeemed.

Pray for us and we’ll pray for you.

With love,